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JAKARTA — Commission VIII of the House of Representatives on Tuesday (14/07) questioned the activities of the Halal Product Guarantee Organizing Agency of the Ministry of Religion (BPJPH Kemenag) in the field which was considered slow. On that occasion, the Head of BPJPH Sukoso said that the obstacle was with the MUI because it seemed to slow down the Halal Auditor certification process which was a requirement for the establishment of a Halal Inspection Agency (LPH).

Responding to this problem, the President Director of the Professional Certification Institute (LSP) MUI KH. Sholahuddin Al Aiyub said the allegations were untrue. He said that the LSP MUI, which was formed on December 30, 2019, has currently carried out certification to 142 auditors consisting of LPH LPPOM MUI auditors and other LPH candidates from several companies.

To carry out the mandate of the JPH Law, since its establishment, LSP MUI has even obtained a license from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) numbered BNSP-LSP-1644-ID. In fact, since April 6, 2016, LSP MUI embryos have existed with the establishment of LSP LPPOM MUI which has also carried out competency tests for halal supervisors.

"Then it is not true if it is said that the MUI is not ready, even hindering the Halal Auditor certification process which is a prerequisite in the establishment of LPH," he said through a written statement received by, Friday (17/07).

The Deputy Secretary General of the MUI for Fatwa Affairs said that the small number of Halal Auditors who had been certified occurred because there were still few who registered to be certified to the MUI LSP. LSP MUI cannot and should not force someone to register.

"The task of LSP MUI is only to process incoming registrations for verification, pre-assessment, assessment, technical committee meetings, until a competency certificate is issued if it has been declared competent," he said.

He continued, in the Halal Auditor certification process, LSP MUI used the Indonesian National Work Competency Standard (SKKNI) for Halal Auditors Number 266 of 2019. Based on the SKKNI, LSP MUI then made an assessment implementation scheme for Halal Auditors and the scheme has been verified by BNSP. The scheme is contained in the Annex to the Certification of such License.

"Thus, MUI is ready and has carried out its functions in halal auditor certification, in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia," he said. **

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