BPJPH: Key Synergy to Accelerate Indonesia's Halal Certification

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The Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency (BPJPH) and the Halal Inspection Agency (LPH) are inseparable units. This was conveyed by the Head of BPJPH, Muhammad Aqil Irham, at the 33rd Tasyakur Milad LPPOM MUI event on January 25, 2022.

"BPJPH has accelerated with LPH and at the same time with other stakeholders through massive socialization, publication, promotion and education efforts for all Indonesian people. This is none other than so that Indonesia can become a winner in the halal industry. However, if we move without synergy, of course, the hope will be further for us to achieve," explained Aqil in an event themed One Stop Service for Halal Certification and Lab Analysis.

LPPOM MUI, he continued, as a halal inspection agency in Indonesia and foreign halal institutions, can accelerate quickly. However, Aqil said that this ideal will be realized faster with the growth of new LPH-LPH, which is expected to accelerate the halal certification process in Indonesia.

"Hopefully LPPOM MUI can participate in fostering and communicating, both with the new LPH-LPH through its guidance. Because LPPOM MUI is the longest-running certification body and is a pioneer of halal struggle," said Aqil.

Closing his remarks, Aqil expressed his appreciation and hope that LPPOM MUI at this mature age in the future can be even better in development, both physically and non-physically. He hopes that LPPOM MUI can also continue to synergize with BPJPH and LPH so that the goal of accelerating the halal certification process in Indonesia will soon be realized. (*)

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