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Jakarta – The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) attended the Pepsodent Siwak Launching event organized by PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. on January 31, 2020, at the Moroccan House, Jakarta.

In this event, Pepsodent launched its latest innovation, Pepsodent Siwak. Siwak wood extract in this product contains so much good for dental and oral health and has been known by Muslims since time immemorial. More than that, the launch of Pepsodent Siwak also invites the public to share through a donation program organized with the National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS).

On this occasion, Halal Communication Director of LPPOM MUI, Ir. Hj. Osmena Gunawan expressed his appreciation to PT Unilever, who has never stopped innovating and continues to be committed to maintaining the halal of the product.

“We appreciate Pepsodent’s commitment as one of the pioneers of toothpaste brands that received halal certification from LPPOM MUI and was awarded by the Halal Award several times to always pay attention to the needs of the community in consuming halal products through all of its products. Hopefully, the presence of Pepsodent Siwak can make it easier for people to use the goodness of Siwak as one of the well-known natural ingredients in Islamic history,” she said.

Distya Tarworo Endri as Pepsodent’s Senior Brand Manager, PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. Revealed that all this time, the cooperation of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. And LPPOM MUI is going well. Also, she said they were committed to continuing to maintain the halal of the product by implementing the Halal Assurance System (SJH). The addition of siwak extract in Pepsodent is the answer to the needs of Muslim consumers.

“This time, Pepsodent presents Pepsodent Siwak to answer the needs of Indonesian consumers, the majority of whom are Muslim, with halal quality products that contain beneficial ingredients for maintaining dental and oral health. With the content of the siwak extract supplemented with natural mint, this innovation can treat tooth strength while providing a more durable breath of freshness, ” said Distya.

Furthermore, Ustadzah Aini Aryani, Lc. as the Fiqh Expert, explained that maintaining dental and oral health is one of the things that the Prophet Muhammad Saw prioritized because it involves one’s health and manners in dealing with others. “In the modern era like now, the content of siwak contained in toothpaste can make it easier for us to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad Saw in caring for dental and oral health,” continued Ustadzah Aini.

Regarding the efficacy of Siwak wood, Drg. Ratu Mirah Afifah, GCClinDent., MDSc. as dental and oral health experts say, various modern studies prove that siwak is a natural material that functions to inhibit and kill bacterial growth and strengthen the surface of tooth enamel to prevent cavities. Besides, siwak can also maintain healthy gums and tooth-supporting tissue, stop bleeding and gum inflammation, and stimulate increased production of saliva, which serves to neutralize the acidic conditions in the mouth.

“With so many benefits, the use of siwak is now worldwide. Even since 1984, the World Health Organization has recommended siwak as an effective ingredient for treating dental and oral health,” she explained.

Pepsodent Siwak not only promotes quality and halalness of the product but also promotes the values ??of goodness for the health and well-being of the people. Therefore, Pepsodent will donate 2.5% of the profit per Pepsodent Siwak package sold to improve the oral and dental health of orphans in various regions of Indonesia. (*)

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