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Bogor – The Corona Virus Disease Pandemic 2019 (COVID-19) has an impact not only in Indonesia, but the whole countries in the world. Nowadays, all parties and ranks are invited to enter a new normal era. One of them is The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) which must adapt to this era as well.

For the first time LPPOM MUI held a Halal bi Halal 1441 H with the theme Modified on Zoom Friendly Eid Al Mubarak (Moszarela) which was conducted virtually. This is in accordance with the condition of the new normal era. The event was attended by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. DR. (HC) KH. Ma’ruf Amin and Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, H. Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi, M.Sc.

In addition, the event was also attended by MUI Secretary General, Dr. H. Anwar Abbas, MM, M.Ag; MUI Fatwa Deputy Secretary General, Drs. H. Sholahudin Al-Ayubi, M.Sc.; and the entire Advisory Council, Directors and the extended family of the Central and Provincial LPPOM MUI.

Ma’ruf Amin expressed his gratitude for the efforts of LPPOM MUI that has contributed in strengthening halal certification in the world, particularly Indonesia. He reminded that the main purpose of halal certification is to keep people from consuming non halal foods and drinks. 

“The efforts we have made cover international. We start to combine the fatwa of ulama and research, also fatwa and audit. That is what makes the world’s halal certification institutions, if we want to get recognition of MUI there are must-two things, namely ulama and audit institutions, “said Ma’ruf Amin.

He continued, for the world’s halal institutions that have not had a fatwa institution, the fatwa can refer to MUI. Moreover, the LPPOM MUI halal certification standard has also been worldwide. This is because Overseas Halal Certification Body (LSHLN) need to adopt LPPOM MUI standards in order to be recognized by MUI. At the present, there are 45 global halal certification institutions that follow the MUI standard.

“It means that we have spread the way of working and halal certification efforts being a global system. This becomes the sunnah hasanah, which is rewarded until the doomsday, as long as the halal certification system is implemented in this world, “said Ma’ruf Amin.

Ma’ruf Amin added that the next task is to encourage the halal industry in Indonesia, since it has great potency. Unfortunately until now, the largest halal producer is still bagged by Brazil, then Australia. He hopes that the virtual meeting in the LPPOM MUI Halal bi Halal forum will strengthen the brotherhood, and the spirit in building the people and sharia implementation in the life of the people and nation of Indonesia. 

On the same occasion, Dr. Ir. Lukmanul Hakm, M.Sc. reminded the importance of the spirit to continue to fight in the halal sector. LPPOM MUI, which has existed for 31 years, presents at the request of the government and the community due to the absence of halal-related equipment and infrastructure. 

“It means that the presence of LPPOM MUI was desired at the time. We will continue this in the new normal period, “Lukmanul said.

LPPOM MUI will continue to carry out its role as khadimul ulama and khadimul ummah. LPPOM MUI as khadimul ulama in terms of providing scientific information to later become the basis for the issuance of a fatwa. LPPOM MUI also has a role as khadimul ummah whose role is to socialize the importance of halal consumption to the public.

Regarding this matter, LPPOM MUI continues to make various efforts. One of them is developing Cerol-SS23000 since 8 years ago. This is an online system that has become an LPPOM MUI icon and has been followed by several countries. 

“Cerol-SS23000 is expected to be a model in regulation. In addition, hopefully what has been done by LPPOM MUI for the past 31 years can be continued accompanied by a spirit that continues to strengthen, “said Lukmanul.

Meanwhile, Zainut reminded the importance of LPPOM MUI to adapt in the midst of the current conditions, especially related to the implementation of the Halal Product Guarantee Law (JPH Law).

The adaptation includes the alignment of halal certification phases that have been carried out by LPPOM MUI; adjusting organizational structure, personnel, and institutions; as well as working with new institutions that have emerged as the implications of the implementation of the JPH Law.

“In facing these challenges, it is LPPOM MUI that already has long experience in the halal world. I am sure LPPOM MUI is able to pass easily and still be at the forefront, “concluded Zainut. (YN)

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