The Complaints and Appeals Procedure

2020-11-20 21:57:46

Are you have complaints with us, or is there something we can improve? Here you have the opportunity to contact us through our complaints and appeals procedure. We take your criticism seriously and are glad to have the chance to improve our customer service.


Client might lodge appeal to LPPOM MUI max. 28 days after the issuance of Halal Certificate and / or HAS Status / Certificate. Client lodging the complaint receives a confirmation of receipt. The department responsible processes the complaints and appeals and if necessary informs the person who filed the complaint of its progress. After the complaint or appeal has been processed the party lodging the complaint receives a final answer.

Complaints and appeals can be submitted here, or can send email to : [email protected]

Jakarta Sekretariat LPPOM MUI

Bogor Global Halal Centre