Socialization and Promotion

2020-01-03 10:47:06

Halal socialization and promotion is required to educate public and business doers. General public and businesses are expected  to know and understand about the importance of halal products. Halal socialization and promotion programs that have been held are :
1. Indonesia International Halal Expo (INDHEX)
INDHEX is held annualy by LPPOM MUI in the frame of promotion  and education. INDHEX has a series of event  such as Halal Certified Product Expo, Global Halal Forum, Halal Award, Halal Community Gathering, halal competitions, and talkshows. 
2. Halal Olympic
In order to commemorate the 28th anniversary of LPPOM MUI, National Halal Olympics  was held in 2017 for high school students. This activity is planned to  be held annualy, to increase awareness of halal lifestyle among younger generation,  by applying "Halal is My Life" in everyday life. Participants are selected by using online test  through Halal Learning Online Program (HaLO Program) provided by LPPOM MUI.   
3. Halal Food Goes to School
This program is aimed at increasing halal lifestyle awareness among younger generations, from kindergarten  to  high school level.  The form of the program is counseling and  introducing halal products at the same time.
4. Halal Travel (Halal Tour)
It is a visit program to factories that produce halal certified product. This program is aimed for school-age children and other communities.
 5. Seminar / Talk Show Halal
A program that is created by LPPOM MUI in cooperation with universities, institutions,  and news media.
6. Halal Competition
The objective of this program is to improve public awareness of halal products  by bringing out creativities in competitions, such as Halal Blog Competition, Halal Hijab Lifestyle Contest,  in collaboration with Detik Forum, Halal Mom & Me Creativity Contest, in collaboration with the Ummi Magazine, and Hijab Hunting Photo Contest.
7. Free of Charge Halal Certification Program for Small and Medium Enterprises
LPPOM MUI  in cooperation  with government related agencies, such as Ministry of Religious Affairs, National Agency of Drugs AND Foods Controls (BPOM), Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises , Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries, and Ministry of  Industry at city or district level, provides free of charge halal certfication for small and medium enterprises.
8. Halal Socialization for Companies 
LPPOM MUI provides halal socialization programs for companies independently or in cooperation with government related agencies.
9. Halal Socialization through News  Media and Social Media
LPPOM MUI works with various news media, printed and online, such as Republika, Detik.Com, Ummi Magazines, etc.,   as well as  with social media like  twitter, @HalalIndonesia,  and Facebook,  Halal MUI. 
10. Merchandise
LPPOM MUI makes various merchandise products with "Halal is My Life" tagline for halal awareness campaign.

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