MUI Halal Certificate/Decree

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MUI Halal Certificate/Decree is a document issued based on the written fatwa of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) which states the halalness of a product in accordance with Islamic law. This MUI Halal certificate/decree is a requirement for obtaining a permit for the inclusion of a halal label on product packaging from the authorized government agency.

Note : The term Halal Decree (KH) is used for registration of halal certification starting in early 2020


Halal Certification Purpose

Halal certification for food, medicines, cosmetics and other products is carried out to provide assurance of their halal status and to reassure people in consuming it. The continuity of the halal production process is guaranteed by the manufacturer by implementing the Halal Assurance System.


Halal Certificate Directory

a.       A list of products that are halal certified by LPPOM MUI can be found on the Halal Product Check which is available on the homepage .

b.        Suspended Halal Certificate.

Company Name

Certificate No





  1. Revoked Halal Certificate

Company Name

Certificate No





d. Halal Certificates/Decree not Extend Halal Certification

Company NameHalal Certificate/DecreeProduct

PT. Generasi Andalan Bangsa


Jakarta Sekretariat LPPOM MUI

Bogor Global Halal Centre