LPPOM MUI Pioneer Of Halal Standard & Founder Of World Food Halal Council

In its 23rd life history, LPPOM MUI has noted some priding achievements.  In domestic level, the gait of LPPOM MUI in providing service is increasing.  From 2005 to December 2011, LPPOM MUI issued at least 5896 halal certificates covering up to 97,794 product items from 3561 companies.  These figures will be much higher if halal certificates issued by regional LPPOM MUI spread over 33 provinces in Indonesia are included.  

As a country with 200 million Muslim populations, Indonesia should take proactive steps to optimize its position as the market as well as producer of halal products.  Accordingly, on 24 June 2011, Coordianting Minister of Economic, Dr. Ir. M. Hatta Rajasa, declared Indonesia as the Halal Center of the World.  
This declaration was in line with various steps taken by LPPOM MUI such as the design and development of Halal Certification System (HCS) and Halal Assurance System (HAS) which had already been adopted by halal certification institutions overseas.  LPPOM MUI is the pioneer of SH and SJH.  
The adoption of Indonesia halal standard by foreign institutions is certainly beneficial for Indonesian consumers and producers.  This is because consumers are protected from products with unclear halalness and with commonly recognized halal standard businessmen can get assurance about halal requirements they have to fulfill before the market their products.  

The history of halal certification development in Indonesia cannot be put away from the case of pig fat emerged in 1988.  The case originating from the finding of a researcher of Brawijaya University, Malang created not only a furore in the Muslim society but also possible collapse of the national economy as a result of drastically decreasing consumption rate of processed foods.  

Realizing its responsibility to protect the society, on January 1989, Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) established LPPOM MUI as part of its efforts to provide people with spiritual tranquility when they consume foods, drugs, and cosmetics.  

Since the time of its establishment, LPPOM MUI has held seminars, discussions with experts including syariah experts, and study and muzakarah visits on regular basis.  All of these were done in order to make the halal certification system and halal assurance system developed by LPPOM MUI in line with the development of science and religion principles.  

In line with the development of technology and the increasing public demand, the challenges faced by LPPOM MUI are also increasing.  One of these is the Draft of Halal Product Assurance Bill (RUU JPH) which is currently being discussed in the House of Representative.  

Related to this matter, MUI has determined its position in assuring Indonesian Muslim consumers to have their rights for getting assuredly halal foods, drinks, drugs, cosmetics, genetically modified products, and other consumptive products or commonly known as halal products sold in Indonesia protected.   
Therefore, a bill regulating halal products is an unavoidable demand.  This bill is needed to assure the enforcement of law.  This is the essence of a law state that which highly respect people’s rights based upon a legal fairness.  

In order to enhance public awareness of halal product consumption, LPPOM MUI designs a public dissemination of information program in the forms of seminars, workshops, visits to halal producers, magazine publishment, online information media management, and Indonesia Halal Expo (INDHEX) which is held annualy.  

In addition, to improve customer service, LPPOM MUI built a Management Information System (MIS), to make it easy for public, especially businessmen, to apply for halal certification online through website, www.halalmui.org.

Various steps and policies made by LPPOM MUI to constantly improve its service to the public so that people can get halal products.  Therefore, a bill assuring the availability of halal products for Muslim consumers in Indonesia is imperative so that the implementation of Halal Certificate can be strengthened by definite legal protection.



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